Monday, January 5, 2009

Shitty Poetry

The world is full of shitty poetry;
you've probably heard some yourself.
It's not on a shelf.

It's read aloud in coffee shops
to the tinkle of laughter and glasses,
or poetry classes,

by people who never rewrite or edit
because they have so much to say.
Sit down. Go away.

It even emerges from precious small presses,
giving the unheard a voice.
Unfortunate choice.

It's loaded down with awkward or
self-conscious metaphor
(it's a bit of a bore),

devoid of feeling but full of pretense,
stretched out with big long words
that fall like turds.

Yes, the world is full of shitty poetry;
we've quite a bit more than we should.
So write something good.


poetry luvvah said...

I will certainly try!

(Nice poem. :)

- Y

Vivian said...

Thanks! :D

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