Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is CBC Information Morning Host Terry Seguin Tone-Deaf?

Here's one for my fellow New Brunswickers:

As you may know, Bon Jovi will be playing in Moncton on June 27. CBC Radio in New Brunswick is offering a chance to win tickets. To be eligible to win, fans must record themselves "rocking out to the famed band's songs," as the web site puts it.

Well, this morning on CBC radio, host Terry Seguin played one of the entries, and it wasn't pretty. The "singers" showed themselves incapable of staying on tune for longer than ten seconds at a stretch. It was good for a laugh, but not good in any other way.

When it was over, Seguin said something like, "Wow. Not only are young people listening to the show... they hit all the high notes."

Terry! Dude! Not only didn't they hit the high notes... or the low notes... they failed to hit many of the in-between notes.

I see two possibilities. Either Seguin was just being nice, or he has the musical appreciation abilities of a rock.

Which do you think it is? Brunswickians, please weigh in on this important issue by adding a comment to this blog post. Anyone can comment, even anonymously. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.


Elusive Butterfly said...

I am not a Brunswickian (although I would like to visit this summer). However, maybe Terry was being sarcastic? I certainly would be.

Vivian said...

He sounded sincere to me. Terry's not really the sarcastic type.

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